Je Suis Charlie – by Joachim Roncin

Have you ever wondered who is the person who designed the famous slogan and image “Je suis Charlie” which has become a symbol of solidarity and support for freedom of speech after the terror attack in France? Well, here he is, his name is Joachim Roncin, French artist and music journalist.


Before beginning, let me say that this blog is based on the right of free expression, which allows us to speak freely of the issues we want, but without offending other ones. We cannot live in a world where we are afraid to say and express what we think, as a recent quote I recently heard “Nothing has ever been written of cowards”.

That said, let’s start.

Joachim Roncin, artistic director and music journalist of the free magazine “Stylist”, is the creator of this slogan that has become world famous. At 11.52, less than half an hour after the attack, he published this image on his personal twitter account without knowing, what was going to happen. In an interview Roncin mentioned “I did not have many words to express my sorrow and I just had this idea of ‘I’m Charlie’ especially because I read a lot with my son the book ” Where’s Waldo ‘, it came to me quite naturally. “And with this simple idea, but strong message, the image and slogan were born.


Seven minutes after Joachims tweet, his fellow Thierry Puget published the same image accompanied with the hashtag #Jesuischarlie, turning the idea and slogan into hashtag for social media, and the rest is history, artists, colleagues, celebrities, publications, ambassadors, associations and thousands of people who support the cause of free speech began to make this slogan a global trend.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 17.36.23

And so, without thinking, the image that innocently Joachim designed to express his grief, became the official image of this cause. And if you wonder about the typography he used, it is the typeface used in Charlie official logo. Here we can see, as the famous saying goes “He Who Hits First, Hits Twice”.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


Charlie-Hebdo-office-attack-vigil 12image


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