Is this the signature mark of Futura?

“The risks aren’t risks, are opportunities to do different things.” That’s one of the quotes that defines “Manifiesto Futura”, independent multidisciplinary design studio based Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico… But that is something that I don’t see.

Before we begin, I should clarify that not all projects look the same, within their portfolio there is a variety of styles, however I cannot avoid talking about the similarity of the following projects.


If I show you the picture above will you’d think is the same project right ? Well it is not! They are 3 “different” (but similar) projects. This Mexican studio recently published one of its new projects “Pleno” a branding for a restaurant in Mexico City, and when I saw it, it immediately reminded me of another project of them, so I wanted to see more of it… which was not a good idea because I related to one more.

But as Jack the Ripper said, let each part. Number one, the color palette. With many existing palettes in the world to choose, for some reason they decided to use the same as they had used in his “Paterna” (Branding project for a carpentry), yellow, pink and blue… But you can say to me, “c’mon there are several brands with those colors, it is not a big deal, after all they are not in the same area, one is a restaurant and the other one is a carpentry”… assuming that I accept this explanation, which I do not because for me it is not a good idea to have two projects in your portfolio with similar colors because at the end they will look the same, and it can make people think you do everything equal.


Let’s move to part two. The typographical treatment of the logo, if the colors were not enough, they said, “let’s cut the  type as we did it before” making them look like brothers separated at birth, if you put the “P” from Pleno above the Paterna logo it can be the emblem of this brand.


And finally, the one I really cannot believe, the lineal design of the bottle. It is true that the line, like the point, is a basic design element, however why repeating the same format that they had already used in one of their iconic projects “Doméstico”, in another project and in a very similar application (a drink).


Maybe the three projects are not identical to each other, yet are very similar that is almost impossible not to notice, perhaps this is the way they want to be different from the other designers and make a personal style, but for me it is not a good idea to make them look alike, it’s like they have a machine to make the Futura branding style

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


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