Luxury Grocery Store – By Paddy Mergui

“Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” is the name of this exhibition created by the designer Paddy Mergui, which explores the consumer behavior with the big luxury brands, and how the designer often has to make things look good in order to sell the with a higher price… or at least that’s what I understood . eggs3 Since I’m not good at philosophy, let’s go to the important things: the visual result which I loved. I’m surprised how he understood and took the essence of the brands and translated it into very different things compared to those who they actually sell, essence you can see even the smallest details such as texts and finishes; although some do not convince me much as gucci, burberry, or hermes that at first I thought they were condoms (Oops!), others are perfect as nike and tiffany’s yogurt, which I bet is light. This project reminds me of what Karl Lagerfeld made at the Chanel Fall-Winter show in 2014, where he turned the runway into a supermarket full with personalized products for the brand. Which products would you choose? Paddy’s or Karl’s? … I’m sure with either you will be happy, too bad they’re fake.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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Chanel Fall – Winter Show 2014



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