The Bookbinding Essentials – By Jiani Lu

Jiani Lu, canadian designer currently based in Dubai, created this beautiful handmade booklets for a binding workshop with -ING, a Dubai creative comunity. Each booklet features a velum hole-pattern reference sheet, two binder’s needles, waxed thread and clamp clips.


I’m sure you have seen many books with this type of binding that includes different mini books put together, and so I have seen. But what struck me more than this practical binding ( that for a class of binding was obvious that it would have to look this good ), is its functionality, because not only it looks nice and is “creative” but besides being the workshop manual it is also the book binding kit.

The design and font choice is so simple and basic that works perfectly and fulfills its purpose, without needing to be exotic and attention grabber. But what deserves an applause is the stitch reference shit, which for the new designers who do their minimalist and breaking the rules designs might seem a nice pattern for covering the book, but what it really is, is a necessity turned into a functional and visually appealing result.

I’m sure many friends who make handmade books would love to have this simple but practical manual.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials3Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials2 Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials6Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials7Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials8Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials4Jiani_Lu_Bookbinding_Essentials5


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