Do Animals Think? – By Lucas Doerre

Have you ever wondered how animals think? Because Lucas Doerre did, this German designer took this doubts as an excuse to design these amazing 3D art.


I really like the result of these surreal – abstract illustrations, they are so simple but complex at the same time, and the typography arrangement really complements the whole idea ( wish I can do 3D art, can I have class? ). Talking about the design of the posters, I was not sure at first because I could not understand them completely ( do not think I didn’t knew they were brains, because I did ) but once I saw them and I understood them completely I do liked them, I found really clever the idea of using numbers and letters to summarize the concept of thinking, but to understand them the questions.

Unfortunately the editorial design of the guide doesn’t convince me, for me it looks a little like a generic catalog of art with the layout, if I can give a suggestion I would had incorporated the same typographic arrangement used in the illustrations on the titles of the guide to create consistency and a system… But I want to think this guide was an extra, and that the amazing illustrations were the real project, because they are the main characters of this movie.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.



editorial Editorial Design

postersPoster Design


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