Dunkin’ (No more Donuts) Brand Refresh by JKR

myfastopinion my f opinion logo dunkin donuts redesign rebrand.png

Dunkin’ Donuts, the world’s biggest American baked goods and coffee chain, has unveiled its new identity that officially recognizes its name as simply “Dunkin’. The new identity has been designed by the independent creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie in collaboration with BBDO New York and Arc Worldwide.

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IBM bespoke typeface ‘IBM Plex’

I will like to finish the #typographyisthenewbrand series with a bespoke typeface I believe is perfectly designed, as it balances functionality and customization. I am talking about “IBM Plex”, the custom-made font designed by the American typographer Mike Abbink and the Dutch design firm Bold Monday, for the technology innovation company IBM.

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Uber Redesign & Bespoke Typeface by Wolff Olins and MCKL

With less than three years after launching a brand redesign, Uber has revealed a whole new brand identity that features a new logotype, a custom typeface, a renewed mobile app design, and new design compositions, just to name a few.

The redesign was directed by Uber’s in-house brand team in collaboration with brand consultancy Wolff Olins and LA-based type foundry MCKL. According to Peter Markatos, Uber’s executive director of brand, the project started with the simple idea of communicating the evolution of the company from a ‘San Francisco startup’ to a ‘global platform of mobility’. However, after hours of research with riders and drivers, the project evolved into a nine-month full rebrand.

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