Uber Redesign & Bespoke Typeface by Wolff Olins and MCKL

With less than three years after launching a brand redesign, Uber has revealed a whole new brand identity that features a new logotype, a custom typeface, a renewed mobile app design, and new design compositions, just to name a few.

The redesign was directed by Uber’s in-house brand team in collaboration with brand consultancy Wolff Olins and LA-based type foundry MCKL. According to Peter Markatos, Uber’s executive director of brand, the project started with the simple idea of communicating the evolution of the company from a ‘San Francisco startup’ to a ‘global platform of mobility’. However, after hours of research with riders and drivers, the project evolved into a nine-month full rebrand. Continue reading “Uber Redesign & Bespoke Typeface by Wolff Olins and MCKL”


YouTube Bespoke Typeface ‘YouTube Sans’

YouTube, the video-sharing platform which had a brand refresh a year ago, has joined the group of brands that had released their own-brand fonts. ‘YouTube Sans’ was launched in April of 2017 along YouTube TV and was designed by branding agency Saffron in collaboration with Letterjuice Barcelona, URW++ Hamburg, and YouTube’s UX team.

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Airbnb Bespoke Typeface ‘Cereal’

Airbnb, the pioneer of the vacation rental sharing economy, launched last May its own bespoke typeface ‘Cereal’ designed by the international independent type design studio, Dalton Maag.

Derek Chan (Creative Lead, Marketing) and Karri Saarinen (Design Lead, Design Language Systems) mentioned that the reason behind the creation of a custom-made typeface were specific business needs around brand distinction, legibility, and scalability, that no available typefaces were addressing.

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Coca-Cola ‘TCCC Unity’ Bespoke Typeface

Coca-Cola, one of the most known brands worldwide, has launched its very own bespoke typeface for the first time after more than 130 years of the drink being introduced to the market.

The typeface named ‘TCCC Unity’ —“TCCC” as an acronym for The Coca-Cola Company and “Unity” for the brand’s message of bringing people together— was designed by Neville Brody’s creative agency Brody Associates in collaboration with the Coca-Cola Global Design team, headed by James Sommerville.

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HSBC – Brand Refresh

my f opinion hsbc logo new 2018 identity

HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, has experienced peer pressure and has decided to launch a new logotype that seems to have no clear intention.

The new design shifts from a serif font to a neutral sans-serif one (that seems to be Univers Bold), and is still paired with the red emblem that is now bigger and located on the left side of the brand’s name. There is no published explanation behind this change, but I will assume that is “to have an image more suitable for the digital era”.

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